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Thursday, August 30, 2018

I spend a great deal of time each year at the Spear Institute in Arizona, learning from the most amazing doctors the newest techniques, technologies and materials available.  The caliber of education is second to none and it's a large investment of my time and resources that I might bring that education back to my patients and provide them with the best service.

Excitement ensues as I embark upon the journey of becoming the best dentist I can be.  Spear continually renews my love for my chosen occupation and I can hardly wait to get back to my practice and implement what I've learned.

What does this mean to you my patient?  The most important thing: that I value above all else the service you receive from me and my staff.  Your experience within our walls is of upmost importance.  We want to feel cared for, comfortable and that the quality of work you've received is some of the best you've ever experienced.  That you were heard: your oral health goals, what concerns you and how you want to proceed. 

Have you ever had a dentist ask you what you want?  Are you happy with your smile and functionality?  Is there anything you would change?  Have you had a dentist invite you to be a participant in your own care, or do you feel herded through the practice like a number? 

All of those questions, we ask.  We are looking for patients who want to be actively involved.  Who are looking for a dental experience like they've never had.  Maybe you've been a patient in corporate dentistry and felt like no one listened and all they cared about was getting you in and out.  You rarely saw the dentist and when you did they didn't seem to concerned about what was important to you.

This is the difference you'll experience at Gilmore Dental.  An interactive approach to oral health care is the best approach.

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